A new hot tub has exciting possibilities. After installation, it’s just waiting for guests to give it a try.


Before sharing one of life’s best experiences, it’s a good idea to consider hot tub safety. According to The New York Times, 80,000 people made trips to emergency rooms between 1990 and 2007 because of hot tub or whirlpool injuries.


Bubbling hot tub


We recommend these six hot tub safety tips:


Locking Hot Tub Covers


The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals says every portable hot tub should have a locking safety cover. The cover should meet the American Society for Testing and Materials F1346-91 standard for safety.


Emergency Supplies

The Pros recommend three things:


  • A first-aid kit replenished on a regular basis
  • CPR, emergency and warning information in an easy-to-see spot
  • A cordless telephone to call for help

Drain Precautions

According to the Kansas Department of Health & Environment, long hair can be a hazard when it comes to drains. Tying it up securely can prevent entanglement. It’s never safe to get into the tub when a drain cover is missing or looks loose or broken.



It’s so easy to close tired eyes and let stress just slip away. However, when small children are playing near a hot tub, it’s important that adults avoid becoming distracted. While conversations can become animated at a hot tub party, taking turns as the designated “kid watcher” means someone is always watching the children.


Temperature Matters

Around 10 percent of the hot tub injuries The New York Times reported were due to heat overexposure. Maximum hot tub use should be 10 to 15 minutes. The temperature should never climb higher than 104 degrees.


Health Precautions

MedlinePlus says that despite its warmth, a hot tub can breed germs. Users should avoid swallowing any of the water and keep anyone younger than 5 out of the tub. They should steer clear of drinking alcohol before using the tub or while in it. Women who are pregnant should get a doctor’s blessing before enjoying a hot tub.


We know that your hot tub experience will be even more enjoyable after following these safety tips.


Happy Tubbing!
Ethel Elliott


Ethel Elliott

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