We Pros know how much you love a good hot tub soak with your family and friends. Why not bring along a few games the next time you’re in your spa. Take off the hot tub cover, slide into the spa and have fun while you relax with your loved ones.


Floating board games


Splash Bomb


As you pass the plastic container around, the timer counts down. The balloon explodes when the timer reaches zero, and whoever’s closest to the bomb gets soaked. What a fun way to enjoy your hot tub and your friends!


Simon Says


A traditional game like Simon Says easily adapts to the hot tub. Try exercises like jumping jacks, lunges or squats. You can also do silly activities like blowing bubbles as you have fun with your kids and friends.


Generally, warranties cover hot tub components for half the time the manufacturer expects the part to last. So, if the manufacturer designs the part to last for eight years, the warranty often covers four years.




Similar to Simon Says, charades is an action-packed game filled with silly faces and fun. Guess the song title, international city or action movie as you hang out in your spa.


Floating Board Games


Waterproof cards and game trays turn any hot tub into a game room. Entertain yourself with a game of poker, UNO or Rummy. You can also play checkers on a floating checkers tray or Black Jack with a waterproof Black jack table. Never feel bored again as you play waterproof hot tub games.


Boat Races


Push or blow two or more floating boats from one end of the hot tub to the other. Or play pirates and give a prize to the last boat left floating upright. Boats provide hours of entertainment no matter how young or old you are.




Grab a few plastic fishing rods and rings, then pretend you’re deep sea fishing. This game keeps your guests entertained as you enjoy the warm water of your hot tub.


Hot Tub Game for Lovers


Spice up your hot tub time with a bit of fun and romance. Inside waterproof bubbles, find a nice or naughty task. The game includes 40 activities for many nights of excitement.


What water games do you enjoy playing? Adapt them to the hot tub for hours of entertainment. You’ll be able to soak and relax while having fun.


Happy Tubbing!
Ethel Elliott


Ethel Elliott
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