If your spa is situated outdoors, the surrounding environment can have a big impact on the experience you have when you climb into your tub. Don’t let the seasons go to waste or fight them. Instead, use them to best effect by accessorizing your spa with seasonally appropriate accoutrements.

Spring flowers

You might have encouraged the barren look during the cold winter months, when slipping into your tub had a cozy, comforting feel and you didn’t need much more than warm water to set the scene. But now that spring is coming, it’s time to think tropical and trouble-free. Here are some ideas for jazzing up your outdoor area without breaking the bank.


Add Plants


Plants add visual appeal to any spa setting. For a quick escape after work, give your spa a look you can’t find in the office or the living room by installing tall jungle plants that wave in the wind. Alternatively, situate several palms around your tub to form a screen that provides both privacy and ambience. Have a deck railing to work with? Consider hanging a few trailing plants, like the easy-to-grow pothos plant.


Be Sunny


Spring and summer mean fun in the sun, so reflect that with your choice of décor. Flip flops for guests, colorful towels and a stand for drinks all say “welcome” in the language of hot tubs. And remember it’s swimsuit season soon, so if you or your guests are workout aficionados, reflect that. Strategically placed yoga balls and free weights can add to the picture of health and leisure around your tub.


Check Covers


Also use the change in seasons as an excuse to check hot tub covers for signs of wear and tear. Check the seams of your cover for splitting, tearing or cracking, and make sure you don’t see a bunch of loose threads or stuffing coming out. Check that the cover isn’t sagging, mushy, or noticeably heavier than it used to be: these can all be signs of water damage. Make sure that the vinyl cover isn’t splitting or cracking, that the vinyl still appears sound, and that you cannot feel any moisture on a cover once it’s been off the tub for a while. If you do, it might be time to replace your cover.


Happy Tubbing!
Ethel Elliott


Ethel Elliott

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