What’s your favorite part of gardening? Maybe you love getting your hands dirty, watching seeds grow or harvesting the bounty at the end of the season. Gardening is an activity that relaxes your mind, exercises your body and improves your general well being.


That’s why you need a hot tub.


Gardening and hot tubbing


Relax your Mind


Sure, gardening brings pleasure and relieves stress. But it also requires a lot of thought. You have to decide whether to place each plant in sun or shade, when to fertilize and whether the plants are getting enough water.


Soak your cares away in your hot tub, and just let your brain just think about whatever it wants to think about. All you need to do is remove the hot tub cover and slip into the warm water. Then make an effort NOT to think about your plants. You’ll be surprised at how relaxed your mind will feel after your soak.


Exercise your Body


You spend hours every week pushing a wheelbarrow, tossing bags of soil around and using the trimmers. When you’re finished working in your garden, your body often feels sore.


While your hot tub offers a warm water oasis that soothes stiff joints and achy feet, it can also prepare your body for manual labor. Use the water’s gentle resistance to strengthen your body as you do leg lunges, bicep curls and stretches. With help from your hot tub, you’ll feel your body getting stronger as you prepare for your real passion, gardening.


Improve your Well Being


A good dig in the garden is the perfect antidote to depression, frustration and boredom. It also provides a deep sense of satisfaction, especially when you watch plants flourish thanks to your hard work.


A hot tub gives you the same results. Just a short soak every day makes you feel more positive about life. Invite a friend to join you, and double your good feelings. Don’t let your well being suffer. Care for your garden then soak in your hot tub!


A spa is the perfect addition to any gardener’s outdoor living space. If you don’t already have a hot tub in your backyard, consider getting one today!


Happy Tubbing!
Ethel Elliott


Ethel Elliott
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