What’s your favorite part of summer? Maybe it’s backyard barbecues and hanging out with friends. Keep your inbox filled with party invitations when you give eight top gifts to your party hosts this summer.


Colorful serving tray



Monogrammed Beach Towels


Whether your host enjoys sunbathing on a beach chair or soaking in the hot tub, he’s sure to appreciate a monogrammed beach towel. It’s oversized, soft and will last all season.


Waterproof Playing Cards


Playing cards increase the fun at a hot tub party. Bring your swimsuit, help your host remove the hot tub cover and enjoy a relaxing soak while playing cards together.


Waterproof Playing Cards


In short, to lower the heating and operating cost of running your hot tub, a foam core spa cover will provide the best heat retention. For very cold areas, the hot tub cover can be ordered with foam up to six inches thick to maximize the insulation value of the cover. Greater density foam cores can be selected to improve the strength of the cover to handle weight such as snow.


Grilling Tools


Give the grilling aficionado new stainless steel grilling tools. With them, your host can produce amazing meats, veggies and fruits for a crowd.




From barbecue to hot sauces, marinades make food taste delicious. Arrange a selection of your hosts’ favorites in an attractive basket for yummy barbecues all summer.


Serving Platter


Food usually takes center stage during summer parties. Bring your signature salad or dessert on a pretty serving platter, then give your host the platter as a thank you for the party invite.


New Plants


Flowers brighten any patio or deck, including your host’s deck. Choose a healthy potted flower, and bring a bit of sunshine to the party with you.


Bird Feeder


Birds won’t join a noisy backyard party, but they’ll return to your host’s backyard after everything quiets down. A bird feeder rolls out the red carpet for feathered friends. Remember to include seeds with the feeder!


Stepping Stones


Beautiful and sturdy stepping stones add character to a garden or walkway. Your host will appreciate one that hits his personality and existing outdoor décor.


Outdoor Yard Game


Enhance any backyard party with an outdoor yard game like bocce ball, volleyball or croquet. Even water balloons or super soakers add fun to your host’s backyard entertaining.

You’ll receive plenty of invites to backyard barbecues when you earn a reputation for bringing great host gifts. Try one of these top eight ideas or add your own suggestion to the list. Then enjoy partying with friends all summer!


Happy Tubbing!
Ethel Elliott


Ethel Elliott
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