Unfortunately, every day doesn't have perfect hot tub or spa weather. In fact, some days are downright dangerous weather-wise and making sure you take care of your spa or tub is something you'll have to take into consideration. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ensure your hot tub doesn't get damaged and the water doesn't get polluted with debris.

Ripped hot tub cover strap


Your first line of defense in bad weather is your hot tub or spa covers. When the weatherman predicts high winds or thunderstorms (or even a hurricane or tornado!), there are steps you can take to protect your hot tub. Ensuring your spa covers are locked down is the first thing you'll want to do. If you're expecting high winds and possible debris blowing around, you may want to invest in some additional straps to supplement the locks ability to hold the cover in place.



Make sure the covers don't move around when the locks are tight. If it does, then additional straps become more of a necessity than an option. That's because high winds can get under the loose edges of spa covers and rip the cover right off. This not only means damage to your hot tub cover but could possibly mean expensive damage to your hot tub as well. Damage like this is rarely covered by your homeowner's insurance policies which means the money for cover replacement and hot tub or spa repairs will come out of your pocket.


Another thing the professionals recommend is to go around your yard and put away anything that can blow around and cause damage. This includes lawn chairs, yard art, tables, umbrellas and in the worst situations, even grills and mail boxes should be stored to prevent high winds from tearing them from their moorings. It may be a hassle, but damaging winds are even more so.


The old Boy Scout adage "Be Prepared!" certainly comes into play when preparing for high winds. Hot tub or spa covers that fit properly, thirty dollars worth of straps and a little time and effort on your part can prevent hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in damage which makes both covers and straps a great investment in the protection of your hot tub.


Happy Tubbing!
Ethel Elliott


Ethel Elliott

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