Everyone knows that hot tubs provide relaxation and pleasure for people of all ages. There’s nothing better than a good soak to relax tight muscles, relieve stress and improve your attitude. But are hot tubs safe for older users? We Pros recommend a few safety tips that ensure older hot tub users enjoy all the benefits of hot tubbing.

Hot tub use by the elderly

Cool Down First


If you enjoy a long, relaxing soak after working in the garden or exercising at the gym, let your body cool down first. With a cooler body temperature, you are less likely to overheat as you relax your sore muscles.


Adjust the Water Temperature


You expect the water in your hot tub to be hot. But hot water raises your body temperature and can cause stroke or death. The Arthritis Foundation recommends users keep spa water under 104 degrees F. Additionally, older hot tub users should only stay in a hot tub for 20 minutes at a time so they don’t overheat.


Lift the Cover Safely


Hot tub covers can be heavy, and you might resist using the hot tub if you can’t get the cover off. Install a lift and get back to enjoying your spa.


Prevent Bacterial Infections


Ideally, hot tub chemicals kill all the bacteria. But anyone with a weakened immune system is more susceptible to infection and should avoid hanging out for hours in any hot tub.


Stay Hydrated


It’s easy to get dehydrated as you sit in the hot tub. Always take a bottle of cold water, juice or lemonade with you, and keep your body hydrated as you soak your cares away.


Get Permission from your Physician


Always follow a doctor’s orders before you jump into a hot tub. He or she will evaluate your medical history and current conditions, including circulation problems, heart disease or diabetes, and let you know if using a spa is safe.


Whether you’re one or 100, using a hot tub is relaxing and enjoyable. Just make sure you practice safety techniques so you don’t pull a muscle or aggravate existing health problems. With safety in mind, older users enjoy all the benefits of hot tubbing and stay healthy!


Happy Tubbing!
Ethel Elliott


Ethel Elliott
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