If you use your hot tub for stress relief, relaxation and socialization, you’re in good company. People have used and enjoyed therapeutic hot water baths since ancient times. Enjoy your hot tub even more after you learn about its history.


Ancient Egyptians


Ancient Egyptians


Since 2000 BC, ancient Egyptians enjoyed heated baths. They added flowers and herbs for aroma. King Phraortes chiseled the world’s first hot tub from granite around 600 BC.


Ancient Greeks


The Greeks believed they would be healthier as they used water therapy, and they started using hot water baths as early as 500 BC.


Ancient Romans


The word spa originates bathing treatments called Sanus Per Aquam, or health through water. Soldiers used spas to heal their battle wounds.


In addition to spa treatments, Romans built elaborate buildings devoted to hot water bathing. They enjoyed baths, massages and exfoliation treatments followed by a dip in a cold pool and time in the library. That sounds like the perfect day to us!




Mizu-no-Kokoro means mind like water, and it references the peacefulness that results from being in complete harmony. Families find that harmony as they soak in their ofuro, a freestanding wooden tub designed for hot water bathing.


United States


Hot springs abound in the US, and spa resorts attract locals and tourists. The Jacuzzi brothers, immigrants from Italy, revolutionized hot tubs in the mid 1900s. They developed a whirlpool tub to ease arthritis symptoms. Their pump, design innovations and family name eventually became huge in the spa industry.


Soldiers brought the ofuro to the US after World War II. People assembled wooden tubs made from wine barrels, but the wooden shells harbored bacteria and mold. Fiberglass shells and then cast acrylic shells in the 70s improved safety and performance. The spa further evolved with the launch of sophisticated filtration systems, programmable controls and hydrotherapy pumps in the 1990s.


Today, enjoy luxury, hydrotherapy and peace in the comfort of your backyard hot tub just like people have been doing for centuries in cultures all over the world. With the hot tub cover securely in place, the water stays clean and healthy as it welcomes you to relax, socialize and rejuvenate.


Happy Tubbing!
Ethel Elliott


Ethel Elliott
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