Hot tubs are a wonderful tool, especially if you’re looking for ways to relax, manage health or simply provide a fun hangout atmosphere for friends and family. But they also come with safety risks, especially if you have a young family that might not understand the dangers inherent in owning a tub. Always make sure to follow these rules to avoid potentially risky situations.


Family safety is the first concern for hot tub spas


Keep the Lid On When Not In Use


The lid of your hot tub not only keeps in the heat, it also keeps people out when the tub isn’t in use, so make sure you put the lid on correctly and use the straps to lock it down if there are children in the vicinity. Spa covers fit specifically to your spa, so in addition to ensuring you keep the lid on, always make sure you have the proper cover for a tight fit that won’t budge.


Keep Young Children and Babies Stay Out Of the Water


Kids and infants can’t regulate their body temperatures as well as adults can, and according to, “High temperatures can cause drowsiness, unconsciousness, heat stroke or death.” Keep children out of the water until they are at least 5 years old, and make sure you monitor them well even then.


Don’t Stay In Too Long


Even adults shouldn’t stay in very hot water for too long. Once you are flushed and sweating, you should consider removing yourself from the water, at least for a little while. Overheating can cause many of the same symptoms in grown-ups that it causes in little ones; it just takes longer. Watch yourself for bad signs like sudden tiredness, and respond by getting out.


Keep Alcohol Use to a Minimum


Excessive alcohol use does not mix well with hot tubs. Alcohol lowers inhibitions, disrupts the body’s ability to regulate, and meddles with common sense. Hot tubs are only risky if used unwisely, but it’s hard to tell what is and isn’t wise when you’ve had a lot to drink. Stay on the safe side and keep alcohol to a minimum.


Ethel Elliott
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