Owning a hot tub is a wonderful way to bring home the relaxing benefits of hot water as well as water massage. However, there are a few dangers associated with hot tubs, so follow these 3 hot tub safety tips for smart, risk-free tub use.


Hot tub safety



1. Avoid Switching Between Hot and Cold Water Too Many Times


Soaking in spas can open up blood vessels, which benefits the heart. Repeated dilation and closing of vessels can be hazardous, however, especially for those with high blood pressure. Don’t move back and forth between hot and cold water too many times, and if you do have high blood pressure, ask your doctor about using a hot tub before you do so.


2. Store Spa Covers Properly


Spa covers, although not dangerous per se, can pose a hazard if left lying around on the ground or improperly stored while the hot tub is in use. You can trip over them, and smaller children can knock them over, injuring themselves or others. Additionally, it is very important that hot tub covers are replaced correctly on the tub so that small children cannot find their way in and get trapped, and so that the water stays uncontaminated.


3. Use Hot Tubs Sparingly Or Not At All When Pregnant



According to the Mayo Clinic, pregnant women should stay out of hot tubs, especially in the first 4 to 6 weeks of pregnancy. Because such important systems are developing in the fetus at that time - including the brain and spinal cord - it is extremely important that women observe this rule. Failure to do so has been correlated with birth defects and miscarriage.


If you are pregnant and really want to use the tub, the May Clinic recommends following these guidelines:


  • Limit soaks to ten minutes once a week
  • Stay away from the new water outlet where water is hottest
  • Get out if you start to sweat
  • Stay out if you are sick
  • Stay out if you are already hot from exercise, fever or any other reason


Happy Tubbing!
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