What do you do when your outdoor space is too small for a hot tub or if you want privacy when using your spa? Put it indoors. But before you get all excited about having a hot tub inside your house, think through a few practical steps that ensure your home and your health stay protected.


Indoor hot tub covers


Is the floor strong enough?


Hot tubs, combined with hot tub covers, weigh thousands of pounds. Your home’s flooring needs to be able to support that much weight or the hot tub could fall through and cause expensive and inconvenient damage.


Hire a structural engineer to make sure your flooring can support your spa. If the floor isn’t strong enough or properly supported, reinforce it or choose a safer room.


How will I get it in the house?


You may think that a portable spa means “easy to maneuver in tight spaces.” Actually, portable refers to the spa’s self-contained plumbing. And even small two person hot tubs can be quite large.


Carefully measure your doorways and the room where you want to place the spa. Then discuss your options with the hot tub dealer, and make sure the model you choose will fit in your home.


Is the room well ventilated?


The steam and humidity from your hot tub create damp conditions. If your room isn’t well ventilated, deadly mildew or mold could grow.


For safety and comfort, discuss ventilation schematics with your hot tub installer. They will probably suggest a series of exhaust fans and vents. This system will keep the air flowing and will prevent mildew and mold from forming in your home.


You’ll also want to wipe up water right away. After exiting the hot tub, wipe off the floor and the walls to reduce water buildup and mildew growth. And install moisture resistant insulation. It won’t harbor water droplets or rot as you enjoy your hot tub indoors.


Installing a hot tub indoors is convenient, fun and possible. You’ll need to plan ahead, then get ready to relax in your hot tub year round in the privacy and comfort of your home.


Happy Tubbing!
Ethel Elliott


Ethel Elliott
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