BeyondNice offers a variety of cover options, everything from walk-on covers, foam covers and even soft covers. So you may ask yourself? Can I get a soft cover for my spa? When should someone order a soft cover?



Soft spa cover - side view showing inflatable bladder holding the center of the cover up



Soft covers do have their place and work very well for certain situations. Soft covers are typically a type of super tarp, used to keep debris out of your hot tub and spa. Soft covers are supported in the center with an inflatable air bladder or air pillow, which creates a dome in the center so the rain water runs off. The bladder can be filled to the appropriate height to achieve this effect. Soft covers are generally purchased for warmer climates, where insulated is not needed. BeyondNice also sells quite a few of soft covers for clients that have their spas in their homes or in an enclosed area.


Soft covers provide very little in the way of insulation value or what is known as the R-value. This is where the standard foam core covers achieve what the soft cover cannot. For BeyondNice clients looking for a high R-value and lower heating bills, the foam covers will be the choice for them, not the soft cover.


As far as cost goes, yes, the soft covers are around $100 less than the standard, hard foam core covers. Much of this price difference is due to the freight charges of shipping standard covers, which are typically around $100.


If you are looking for a cover for your hot tub while it is drained, the soft cover will not work in this case. The air bladder for the soft covers depends on the hot tub having water in it. Therefore, if you are planning to drain your hot tub completely, and have a soft cover, it will catch rain water and sag into the tub. Not a good idea!


BeyondNice soft covers are made in standard sizes in stock and are NOT custom cut to fit your hot tub. Due to this, soft covers tend to ship out within a day or two of ordering, via UPS of FedEx. Many soft covers are not returnable, so make sure to get the right size for your tub.


Soft covers come with backpack style tie down straps and should not be confused with spa cover caps, which are more like a shower cap for a hot tub and are held in place by an elastic band.


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