Here at BeyondNice we frequently get the questions on how to measure for your new hot tub cover if your old cover is in bad shape or if you do not have a cover at all to measure. Sometimes the current cover you have may be warped, waterlogged and/ or misshapen due to any kind of damage or from just being plain old. If this is the case, you will want to consider measuring the hot tub itself and not the old beaten up cover. If you do not have a cover at all, you will need to measure the hot tub itself and provide those measurements for your new replacement cover.


Unable to measure old hot tub covers


If you are able to get the exact measurements of your hot tub or spa cover, you can still measure your hot tub and your new cover will fit just fine. On the other hand, if your old cover is not damaged, just needing replaced, and you do like the way it fits, you can measure the old cover and provide those measurements and we will simply replicate what you already have and know fits.


Since in this case we are referring to measuring the hot tub itself, we are going to give you some tips on how to measure the hot tub and how to make sure that you can get a cover that works and fits your spa.


In measuring the length and width, you will want to BE SURE that you are measuring at the widest point of the hot tub. If your spa is enclosed in a cabinet or shell that extends out over the acrylic, you will need to decide if you want your new cover to extend out over those widest points or just to cover the acrylic. For example, if you have a cabinet that extends a few inches out further than the tub and you want the cover to extend out that far as well, then you will need to measure the cabinet to make sure the skirt will hang down flush and fit properly. If your acrylic flares out where the skirt should hang down, you will want to measure at the widest points in this case as well. Measure this way for both the length and the width of the tub, ignoring any rounded or cut corners, this will ensure the accuracy of the fit.


Measure to the widest point of the hot tub shell.