Occasionally BeyondNice receives calls from clients who are baffled at the fact that the foam on the hot tub cover has melted. The short answer is yes, spa covers can melt!



Spa cover core melted from inflatable tube.



When we consider how the foam cores are made, it will make more sense. The simple version is that EPS beads are heated to expand and make the foam that is put into the foam cores. So the key to this process is – you guessed it – heat!


It would then be a simple conclusion to acknowledge that by re-applying heat to the foam would again cause the same reaction from the EPS material in the foam, which is to expand. When something is placed on top of a spa cover, and the sun then heats the item, it will collect the heat intensity and will prevent the heat from escaping, causing that spot on the cover to melt.


The most frequent items that our clients complain to have caused the foam cover melt are:

  • * Pool toys such as inflatable rafts or tubes
  • * Wet towels laid on top of the hot tub lid to dry
  • * Nearby windows that reflect and focus the sun’s rays directly onto the spa cover like a magnifying glass
  • * Clothing laid on the cover while tubbing


Be careful as almost anything can cause this to occur. You will not be surprised to learn that a melted spa cover is not going to be covered by any typical warranty.


If it is too late and you find that your cover has already melted due to any of the above situations, you will be pleased to know that a client can order just the foam inserts, one or both on our site at Beyondnice rather than having to replace the entire cover! This is a less expensive alternative than a full cover replacement and it is easy to slip the new foam cores into the vinyl.


Use care with your cover and this should never happen. Avoid placing anything on top of the vinyl. Beyondnice recommends using only a marine grade vinyl protectant on the vinyl, for example, a 303 Protectant.


Ethel Elliott
Written by Ethel Elliott. +Ethel writes about all things backyard with a focus on replacement hot tub spa covers. You can also chat with Ethel on Twitter! Follow this author on Twitter