How do you know which way to fold your hot tub cover? Here at BeyondNice , we want to make sure that you understand the way you order your hot tub cover fold will affect the way you can open your hot tub cover to use it.




In deciding how you want your hot tub cover to fold, you will need to consider the hot tub size, configuration and the setting around the tub. In some instances, like with most round or square covers, the fold will not usually matter because you can simply rotate the cover on top of the tub.


This is not true for all round or square covers though. For example, some things you will want to consider when deciding on the best fold direction are:

  • 1. Are there pop up speakers on the cover that will interfere with the fold?
  • 2. Is there a deckrail, wall or fence next to the tub that would affect the way you can enter the tub
  • 3. Is there a control panel that need to be taken into consideration
  • 4. Is there an existing cover removal system installed


Even if a spa is square, the speaker locations will prevent the cover from being able to be rotated to change the fold orientation. Pop up speakers are raised above the top of the acrylic lip of the spa. Due to this, the cover will need to be manufactured with an allowance for raised speakers. This cover will not be able to sit on the spa except in one the single, proper orientation.


If there is a fence, railing, or any other structure along the side of the spa, it would prevent access to any of the areas that are blocked. You will need to consider the way you would like to enter the spa when determining the fold. You will want to make sure that you have easy access to opening the cover with the handles and that it is easy for you to enter the tub with steps and all.


If there is a control panel that needs to be considered along the acrylic of the tub. You will want to make sure that when you choose your fold, it is not folding over on top of the control panel. This would work if you were taking off the entire cover, which a lot of tubbers do, but if you wanted to only open half the tub open you would not be able to have access to the control panel while in the tub. This would not be a very good idea.


If there were a cover lifter installed, that would need to be considered also. If the fold was put on the opposite side of the lifter you could not use the cover lifter or would have to remount the lifter and drain the tub, which may or may not be something that could be done.


In deciding the way you should fold your cover, if you take these things into consideration, you should have easy access and happy tubbing with your new cover!