We get many inquiries on different ways to care for your hot tub and spa. Even though we solely sell hot tub covers and accessories for covers with our focus being on the care of the cover, we thought it would be helpful to provide a list of tips in reference to caring for your hot tub and spa.


Care for your hot tub


We have gathered the answers to the most frequently asked questions in regards to caring for your hot tub and we hope it will help you enjoy your tubbing experience!


My hot tub cover smells is there any way to get rid of the smell? Yes. If your cover starts to smell bad and produce a smelly odor, you can use a mixture of ninety percent water and ten percent bleach to wipe down the bottom side of the cover. This process should remove and prevent the conditions that are producing the bad smell and odor.


My hot tub water feels oily, is there any way to clean the water from different oils that get into the water? We have found an inexpensive way to getting rid of body oils and lotions from the hot tub water. Simply put a tennis ball or two in the skimmer of the tub. The tennis balls will collect any oils and keep them from the filtration system. You will want to check the balls every now and then, and replace them once they become saturated will the oils from the water.


My hot tub water has a dirty line of scum at the water level around the inside of the hot tub, is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening? The answer is yes. In order to remove and prevent the forming of a scum line at the water level, you will want to use an enzyme product on a regular basis. The enzyme products function by breaking down fatty lipids. This allows the sanitizing chemicals work better and to do their job. Using these products will also help keep the filter clean. You can find these at stores that sell chemicals for your hot tub.


I am getting ready to fill my hot tub, is there any particular way you suggest filling it? We suggest when filling your hot tub, you attach a nylon hose over the end of the hose to filter the water going into the tub. If you cannot use this method, then we suggest adding the water to the filter area so the water will have to pass through the filter before filling into the spa.


The last time I drained and re-fllled my spa the waste from the water seemed to somehow go back into the clean water. Is there any way to prevent this? Yes. We suggest that when you drain your hot tub, that you cover the lower inlets with nylon hose. This will prevent the debris from re-circulating back into the filter and the tubing system of the tub and eventually back into the clean water. The new water in the tub should be debris free if you use this method.


Is there any way I can lower my heating bill , it seems to be going up from the hot tub use? Yes, there are many ways to keep your heating bill down while enjoying your hot tub. First, check with your utility provider and find out when the off peak usage hours are. If you heat your spa during these hours, this will lower your heating bill. Another, suggestion is to make sure that your cover is not water logged, if it is replace the cover immediately. A waterlogged cover will cause a rise in your heating costs among other things. You will also want to make sure that you have the correct thickness of the cover for your climate. A cover that is too thin in a cold climate will cause rising heating costs. A thick hot tub cover will keep the heat in the spa until your next use.