BeyondNice regularly gets calls in which the client will want to simply order their hot tub cover by the make and/or model of their hot tub or spa. This makes ordering your cover so much easier! BeyondNice has a database of dimensions by spa manufacturer, model and year. It is very easy to quickly use our search function and type in exactly what you need.


Yes, you can order using the make or model of your hot tub

Although we find that the dimensions from the manufacturer are usually the same as the client’s dimension, they can occasionally be different from the actual measurements of the tub. For this reason, BeyondNice advises, to ensure that you receive a cover that fits your spa, that you measure your tub or existing cover as well, then compare your measurements to our provided dimensions for your make and model. You can easily search on our site how to measure any dimensions for your cover. It is easy!


When searching on our site for your make and model, the dimensions that we have serve as an excellent reference point to compare to your own measurements. Although they are most likely going to be the same measurements of your tub the vast majority of the time, a few things can happen that can cause the measurements to be different.


We find that some clients will be using the owner’s manual for the hot tub as a reference for the dimensions. In this case, sometimes the company that you purchased the hot tub from will have the same user’s guide for 2 or 3 different models, because the mechanical insides are the same. We have found in these cases you will need to double check the measurements as they can be different. In addition, most of the user’s manuals will list the length x width x height, for example 80 x 76 x 35. These are the shipping dimensions and in order to make your cover, we will need the radius of the corner if you have rounded corners. If you mistakenly use the height for the corner, you will have a cover that will not fit!


We will make your cover to the exact dimensions that are provided on your order.


We have seen on occasion where after some years the tub will actually expand or bow out from the pressure of the hundreds of gallons of water pushing against the sides for so many years. This can cause the measurements to be larger than the original, sometimes by a couple of inches. If you find that your measurements are slightly larger than the ones provided by your manufacturer, it is always best to use yours if this is the case.


Having provided dimensions to compare your measurements too will make you feel more confident and comfortable when ordering your cover!