Clients that are looking for a new covers frequently ask about our under lining and how it is made. They want to know why we use the mesh and not the solid under lining material that a lot of other manufacturer’s use with the weep holes or grommets that allow the water to run out of the cover.


This photograph shows a spa cover with a solid under liner scrim, with weep holes for drainage.


Solid scrim spa cover under liner


This photograph shows a spa cover with a mesh under liner scrim.


Mesh spa cover under liner


Let us shed some light on the reason why we use the mesh instead of a solid material.


First of all, the mesh underlining material on a hot tub cover allows steam from the hot tub that condenses into water on the bottom of the vapor barrier inside the cover, to drip back down into the spa water immediately. Neither the solid scrim nor mesh can keep the steam from getting inside the cover’s outer skin, but the mesh deals with it when it happens in a much different way.


The solid scrim requires that weep holes be punched into it. Weep holes are the small holes that are placed in the solid under liner material so the steam condensation has a way to get out of the cover and back into the spa water. BeyondNice frequently receives calls from clients who have the solid under liner material and have a recurring problem with weep holes and grommets.


The problem that we most frequently hear about with the solid scrim is that over time, sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly, the weep holes eventually get clogged with a “muck” thus blocking the condensation from being able to flow properly back into the spa water. This causes a back-up of the water inside the outer lining of the cover, permitting the growth of mold and bacteria.


BeyondNice recommends and uses the mesh under liner instead of any solid material. With a mesh under liner, there is no need for enough water to collect that it can run to and out of any weep holes. With a mesh under liner, when a single drop of condensation collects, it is free to then immediately drip back into the hot tub water, where the chemicals can work on any bacteria.


BeyondNice wants your cover to last a good long time! We use the mesh underlining to help prevent our clients from having to replace their covers prematurely and keep their hard earned money in their pockets!


Happy Tubbing!
Ethel Elliott


Ethel Elliott
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