Often we receive calls from our clients on how to clean their new covers. We have some helpful tips on how to maintain the cover and care for your spa cover. Proper maintenance and care of your new hot tub cover will help it last longer.


Marine grade vinyl care



Here are some tips that BeyondNice has found helpful over the years:


  • Leave the spa cover off for about an hour after adding chemicals or shocking the spa. The chemical vapors are released at this time and will rise up and can make holes in vapor barrier of your cover. This will cause your cover to waterlog or prematurely degrade. Always allow the water to return to a state of homeostasis
  • Keep your cover clean- only use a mild detergent and gently clean the cover with warm water and soap. Do this as often as needed. Avoid all heavy cleaners as these can decay the vinyl
  • Use a good protectant on the Vinyl. Remember spa covers are typically made with marine grade vinyl and needs to have a protectant meant for this vinyl grade. Never use Armor All on the cover, this will draw the moisture out of the vinyl and make it more susceptible to cracking. BeyondNice recommends 303 Aerospace Protectant
  • You always want to maintain the proper spa water chemistry in your tub. When your spa cover chemistry is more balanced – the vapors will be less corrosive to the underlining part of the cover
  • Remove the inside foam cores and flip them over and re-insert them about once per year. By flipping the cores over, the vapor barrier will have even exposure to the chemicals this way
  • Put a new tennis ball in the tub after use to get rid of lotions and oils. Leave the tennis ball in the water for a day or two and it will absorb the oils in the water and keep the oils from getting into the filters

    BeyondNice recommends using these tips for care and maintenance for your new cover and spa! Proper care of the cover will help keep the cover in good condition as well as keep you from prematurely replacing it!


    Happy Tubbing!
    Ethel Elliott


    Ethel Elliott
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