Here at BeyondNice, we often get the question about making a cover that is an unusual shape. Some covers are not the standard shapes and our clients need to make sure that they can order and receive a cover that will fit the shape of their hot tub. We have seen all kinds of shapes and sizes of spas, from kidney to triangles and we have made covers for them all.


Non-geometric, unusual shaped hot tub cover


We would like to cover some of your questions, options and alternatives so we can advise you how to simply order a cover and/or make a template that will insure you receive a properly fitting spa cover.


With some unusual shapes, it is not possible to geometrically define even the shape of the hot tub. A lot of times you can send us a picture of the hot tub you have or scan a drawing and we can move forward from there to decide what we will need to make the cover. In some cases, as with elliptical shapes and ovals we will need to ensure that we have a template. We may have one already in stock for your make and model and if we do not the other alternative is to make a template and send it to the manufacturer. This can be done quite inexpensively by purchasing a plastic painter’s drop cloth at your local hardware or paint store. They can usually be purchased for around five dollars.


Next, use a Sharpie or permanent marker of some type and trace around the top of the hot tub, being careful to trace the very outside edge of the acrylic. The line on the template is what will be used to size the cover when it is made, so be sure not too trace around the center of the acrylic lip, but trace either the very outside corner, or even trace the side of the lip of the tub at the very top.


When making a template, BE SURE to label the top of the template so the cover is not made upside down.


If you do not want to make a template or we only need the measurements for an unusual corner shape, for raised speakers or a cut out for a control panel or waterfall, there is another option. Some of our clients will actually send in their entire vinyl for us to use as a template or cut off the part of the vinyl we will need to duplicate to make the cover to fit. You can simply unzip the hidden zippers and remove the foam, then contact us as to where to send your vinyl template.


We hope this helps you when deciding on how to best measure for your unusually shaped spa cover and will give you some added confidence in ordering.