When ordering a hot tub cover the foam pound or density is related to the strength of the cover. BeyondNice offers three different strengths of foam for our standard covers. 1.0#, 1.5# and 2# foam are the options you will find when ordering your cover. The one pound foam is the standard foam included with the cover. The 1.5# and the 2# foam options are upgrades, and very important ones to consider when ordering.



Different densities of foam cores for hot tub covers



You should ask yourself a few questions to make this determination: Is there any chance someone would sit or walk on the cover, even children? Do I have a heavy snow load where the strength of the cover would be compromised or the foam could crack? Do I have a large pet that may want to climb up on top of the hot tub, especially in the colder months to keep warm?



If you live in a moderate climate and there is a chance to get some snow and you are able to wipe it off almost immediately then you may be able to order the 1 pound foam density or the 1.5 pound foam density. In a harsher climate or if you cannot keep the children or animals off the cover, and do not want to take the chance of the foam cracking then the 2# foam is your best option for your new cover.


The difference between the foam densities is the static load limit of the cover; the 1# foam has a static load of 190 lbs., the 1.5# foam has a static load limit of 270 lbs., and the 2# foam has a load limit of 370lbs. Keep in mind the static load is the complete load across the entire top of the cover, not the weight it can hold in one spot. Sitting or standing on the cover is certainly not recommended.


Just be aware that our warranty, like most others, does not cover cracked or broken foam, so make sure to order wisely when it comes to foam density!


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