Ok. So you've taken the plunge (so to speak) and decided to purchase a hot tub or spa. Whether you've decided on a small, two person tub or the six person spa with fifty jets, the decision has been made. But there's a lot more to purchasing a hot tub, having it installed and making sure everything is ready for you to enjoy your new tub or spa for years to come. It isn't as simple as picking one out of a catalog and bringing it home.

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Here's a list of things you'll need to have besides the hot tub itself:


- Support structure and skirting. Keep in mind that a hot tub or spa is just the fiberglass shell and the mechanics such as the pump and jets to make it go. You'll need something to put all that in to support the shell and to protect the mechanicals.


- Chemicals and supplies. Filling a hot tub with water is just the first step. You'll have to practice a little basic chemistry to ensure the water pH balance is correct and to prevent bacteria from growing.


- Filters. Regardless of what you do, your hot tub water will collect little bits of debris. It could be something as simple as the little bit of dirt on your feet or leaves that drift in while the cover is off. Your filtering system takes this debris out of the water so it remains clean and clear which means you'll need replacement filters from time to time.


- Hot tub or spa covers. These are essential for any hot tub or spa. Having hot tub or spa covers prevents leaves and other debris from getting into your hot tub when it isn't in use which reduces maintenance and cleaning costs dramatically.


A hot tub or spa can be one of the most enjoyable and beneficial things you'll ever own. However, there's more to a hot tub than just the tub itself. By knowing this in advance, you'll be able to start enjoying your hot tub from day one.


Happy Tubbing!
Ethel Elliott


Ethel Elliott

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