Can I order just the Vinyl of the outside of the cover? Do I have to order the inside foam inserts with it? I think my inserts are good!


Spa cover vinyl showing chemical burn


Most clients will be ordering the entire hot tub cover when it comes time for replacement. This is because the number one reason you will have to replace your cover is due to water logging. If you purchase the entire cover it will include the foam core inserts, the vinyl skin, and the tie down straps. When ordering your replacement spa cover you will want to make sure that you are ordering a cover that not only fits your tub but fits your climate as well.


If you are looking to order just the outside of the cover, or the vinyl skin, there are going to be some things that you should be aware of before ordering. Most hot tub owners order only the vinyl in belief that the foam inside is just fine. Well, that very well may be the case, but even if the foam appears to be fine, you will need to make sure that you check the vapor barrier for any holes or tears at all. The vapor barrier is the plastic that is wrapped around the foam and protects the foam from water logging. If the plastic is compromised in any way, for example tears or looks like it is decomposing at all, Beyond Nice recommends to not to keep your old foam cores and purchase a new cover with the foam cores.

Clients who are replacing the vinyl only, are usually doing so due to animal damage, storm damage or some unusual problem that has occurred where the vinyl has been destroyed. Some clients are not satisfied with the cover color and would like to just replace the vinyl for a different color.




However, if the foam cores and the vapor barriers are in good shape, you can order only the vinyl only and have that shipped to you. The cover thickness, length, width, rounded or cut corner and skirt length will all need to be provided to us so we can make it to fit your cores and it is not too tight. We recommend using the measuring tips on our site on how to measure and provide those for the vinyl skin as well. If you are ordering a replacement vinyl for the Eco Cover, you will need to call in and speak to a representative for special customizing of that vinyl.