Your hot tub cover is an important part of your spa’s retinue, and it can last for several years if properly cared for. In addition to cleaning it off and treating it with protective products, there are several tips for everyday use that you should follow without fail in order to extend its life as long as possible.


Keep All Glasses and Dishes Off


Glasses and dishes can transmit the heat of the sun when set on top of a hot tub cover, which can in turn damage the outer vinyl covering. To prevent against heat damage, never set anything on top of the cover; instead, place it somewhere else. Even in colder weather, moisture accumulation around the base of a cup or glass isn’t good for the cover.


Store Upright When Not In Use


Hot tub spa cover lifter with cover in storage position while in use


Don’t store your hot tub cover flat, where it can trap moisture beneath it and adhere to the dirt on the ground. Rather fold it in half and lean it up against the side of an adjacent wall or the side of your tub. That way moisture will run off and it will stay out of the grime.


Hang Wet Towels Somewhere Else


Wet towels won’t help extend the life of a hot tub cover. Unnecessary prolonged contact with moist objects isn’t good for the covering, and only increases the chances that rips or tears on the top will come in contact with water that could be transmitted to the foam core. Hang wet towels somewhere else.


Never Walk On It


Hot tub covers should not have to bear any weight, even from small children. They are designed for a specific purpose, and bearing weight is not one of them. Unless you specially order a Walk On cover, don’t allow anyone to put their weight on top of your hot tub cover.


Don’t Ignore Rips or Tears


Even very small lacerations in the vinyl covering can mean moisture seeping into the foam core, which can degrade it over time or fill it with water in the short run. Take every opportunity you can to run an inspection for rips or tears, and sew or glue them up when you find one.


Ethel Elliott
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