When ordering a new hot tub cover, we get inquiries as to whether or not you should order tie down straps for your new cover. The questions also arise as to how to measure the location of the straps and how long should the straps be. Some clients ask, “Do I really need them?”




The tie down straps were measured incorrectly on this spa cover. Note how the straps do not line up with the clips on the spa cabinet. BeyondNice ships both clip halves with our covers so the new female clip half could be mounted to the cabinet in line with these straps.


Here at BeyondNice, we would like to give you a better understanding of the benefits of ordering tie down straps on your new cover, where you may want to place them and why, and how to measure for the location and the length.


Tie down straps on a hot tub cover serve a few different purposes. The straps provide safety, additional insulation and keep the cover from blowing off in windy situations.




Most new hot tub covers will come standard with 4 tie down straps. It is important to know that most home owner associations require hot tub covers to have tie downs straps with locks. The good news is that almost all tie down straps will have locks on them to prevent children of all ages from being able to enter the hot tub and to keep a safe environment around the tub. This reduces the homeowners’ liability risk of small children being able to enter into the water.


The tie down straps will help with insulation as well. The straps will have a male end that is attached to the end of the strap on the cover and a female end that you will be able to mount onto the siding of the tub. In deciding where to place the straps, most hot tub owners will place the straps on the two ends where the handles are located. They will place them a certain amount of inches from the edge. Make sure when measuring that you measure from the edge to the middle of the strap. It is important when deciding where to place the straps that you make sure you can reach those areas easily and they are not blocked by the house or fences, etc. Once the straps are locked and placed on the cover, it will fit more securely on the tub acrylic. This produces the large benefit of sealing the heat in even better, and further reducing heating bills.


The length of the strap will be important as well. The standard length of our tie down straps is 7.5 inches. You can order additional straps if needed for windy areas. If you are in need of longer straps, you should clearly communicate that and specify that on your order. We can accommodate the longer strap lengths and will need to know at the time of the order. When measuring the length of the strap you will measure from the bottom of the foam on the cover to the bottom of the buckle. If your length is longer than 7.5 inches you will need to specify the longer strap length on your order form.