Hot Cocktail

BeyondNice suggests that all hot tub parties have both a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. To really be a hit with your guests you will need drinks that look wonderful and taste even better!

For a winter hot tub party some gourmet hot chocolate is definitely a must for anyone wanting to warm up with a non-alcoholic beverage! Make the hot chocolate using dark gourmet chocolate and top it off with a tasty garnish. Use marshmallows, caramel, peppermint or cinnamon. If you want to get real fancy you can top each mug off with a swirl of whip cream and set some fancy chocolate curls or shapes into the top, or maybe a peppermint stick!


For those Winter Hot Tubbers that enjoy relaxing with something a little stronger and perhaps alcoholic, go for the spicy sweet and warm comfort of Hot Buttered Rum mixed together for a delicious Hot Tub Drink. We like this recipe for the Hot Buttered Rum mixer- it only has a prep time of 3 minutes.


For one drink mix a small slice of butter with 1 tspn of brown sugar, a drop of vanilla extract, 2 oz of dark rum and some hot water. Add optional spices for taste: like cinnamon or nutmeg. Place the butter, sugar and spices at the bottom of an Irish Coffee glass ( this is our favorite and best to preheat the glass). Add the rum and hot water and muddle the mix.


You can also make a large base of this mix, for the party so the guests can keep refilling and just adding the hot water and rum! A hot tub party should never be too much work.


And now, with these quick and simple recipes for some awesome warm winter beverages, you can quickly prepare for your amazing evening and get on with the real fun and relaxation in your hot tub!