You’re sitting in your hot tub relaxing, and it hits you. Your backyard needs something. Maybe more plants, a trellis or something that makes it pop. We Pros know you’re on a budget, but you can spruce up your backyard oasis with three simple tips.



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Insert Color


Color invokes emotions. Red makes you feel excited while blue calms you. Insert color into your backyard when you plant healthy flowers or vegetables that thrive in your climate. Save money on these colorful backyard additions when you shop after season sales. You can also buy affordable plants from local growers at the farmer’s market or during neighborhood plant exchanges.

If you don’t want to plant anything, paint a colorful outdoor mural on the wall above your hot tub. Every time you remove the hot tub cover and sit down for a soak, you’ll see the mural and feel instantly relaxed in your colorful outdoor living space.


Repurpose Planters


Sometimes, a touch of whimsy adds pop to your backyard. Think outside the box when you repurpose almost any container into a planter.

Empty coffee cans, old teapots, worn out shoes and broken dresser drawers look cute in your yard and last for years if you prepare them properly. Simply cut drain holes in the bottom, apply a few layer of weatherproof stain and arrange the planters around your yard. Fill them with dirt and flowers or a flag post and seasonal flag. Now, you have a unique conversation piece that adds character to your backyard.


Add Decorations


In addition to your hot tub, decorative items like a trellis serve as a focal point to your backyard. Build your own trellis with directions found online or barter with a handy friend. He or she assembles the structure in exchange for babysitting, carpet cleaning or another service you provide.

Birdfeeders are affordable and inexpensive decorations to maintain. Use a coupon to buy a feeder, then buy bulk packages of seed. That one investment provides hours of backyard entertainment.

Are you ready to update your backyard? Without spending a fortune, spruce up the space then relax in your hot tub and enjoy your backyard every day.


Happy Tubbing!
Ethel Elliott


Ethel Elliott
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