Are you planning a move and want to take your hot tub with you? Have you found a great used hot tub and need to move it to your backyard? Don’t injure yourself or damage your hot tub. We Pros recommend a few tips that help you safely move your spa, equipment and hot tub cover.

Moving a hot tub cover with a service


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Research Moving Companies


It’s usually better to hire a company instead of moving a heavy hot tub yourself. Every moving company isn’t created equal, though, so don’t choose one until you’ve done your research.


  • Ask moving companies if they handle spas. Some aren’t interested in working with big or heavy objects.
  • Discuss the cost. You may pay more for movers who are experienced and skilled with heavy objects, but they are less likely to damage your hot tub.
  • Find out if the companies provide extra manpower or if you need to round up a few buddies for moving day. The hot tub will fit onto wheeled dollies, but you’ll need one person to guide the dolly and several more remove obstacles and ensure the hot tub doesn’t tip over.

    Prep the Hot Tub


    Read the owner’s manual and figure out if you need to detach the heater, pump and other equipment or leave the spa intact. Remove the hot tub cover and drain the hot tub then disconnect the gas and electrical lines.


    Before moving day, clear the path from your hot tub to the driveway, and prep the site at your new home. You may need to trim bushes, move fencing or lay a concrete pad.


    On moving day, use ramps or a lift gate to move the hot tub onto the moving truck. Strap it and the cover down separately to keep the pieces safe.


    After arriving at your destination, hire a certified electrician to hook up your spa. You don’t want to spend all that time moving the spa only to have it damaged on site.


    You’ve moved your hot tub safely, so now you can fill it up and enjoy it. Relax your cares away and reward yourself for moving your spa safely.


    Happy Tubbing!
    Ethel Elliott


    Ethel Elliott
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