Chances are, if you have even thought about replacing your spa cover, it is well past the time when it should have been replaced.


A worn out, past needing replaced, spa cover

No worries! We are all human and shopping for, measuring for and paying for a new hot tub cover is usually not on the top of our list, until it becomes so worn out or heavy we cannot use the hot tub. While we know it is not exciting, it is very important to “get ‘er done” and below we explain the reasons why it is so very important.


1). Health Risks: First and most importantly, let’s consider the health risks of continuing to use a waterlogged cover. A cover becomes waterlogged when the vapor barrier is compromised and starts to fail. This will happen eventually to every hot tub cover over time because the chemicals used to keep the water healthy eventually break down this barrier. Once this happens, the foam core inside the cover begins to absorb the moisture from the warm and humid air underneath. This creates the perfect environment for germs and bacteria to live and grow. The foam core of the cover becomes a warm, moist and dark host where bacteria is safe from the chemicals in the tub. Legionaire’s Disease is just one of the bacterium that can grow in a waterlogged cover. The common name for this type of airborne lung infection is called “hot tub lung”.


2). Wasted Heating Costs: The primary reason most spa owners want a hot tub cover in the first place is to try to keep their heating bills to heat the spa as low as possible. The insulation value of spa covers is very much like the insulation rating of the insulation used in the construction of homes and it is measured in the R-value. Just like the insulation in many homes, the higher the R-value the more the cover keeps the heat inside the spa, and the less the heater runs. Once your cover becomes waterlogged, which is by far the most common failure of a lid, the water inside the will then begins to literally pull heat out of the water. This is due to the fundamental principle that water transfers heat (or cold) 32 times faster than air. What this means is you are paying to heat the spa but that energy – and your money – is being sucked out of the water as fast as it heats. You would be better off removing the top, unless it is a windy location, than allowing this condition to continue.


3). Reduced Use: The final reason, and we hear this one a lot, is that most clients either use their spa less, or stop using it all together, once the top becomes ugly, dirty, damaged or heavy. We hope the information we are presenting on this site will remove the hassle and fear from the process of replacing your spa cover, so you can confidently get it over with and get back to enjoying your spa, knowing you are safe from bacteria and that your cover is working to save you money once again. The average life of our covers is anywhere from 4-10 years. So once you replace your cover, you will be back in your relaxing hot tub for a nice long time!


Ethel Elliott
Written by Ethel Elliott. +Ethel writes about all things backyard with a focus on replacement hot tub spa covers. You can also chat with Ethel on Twitter! Follow this author on Twitter