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Spa & Cover Accessories

Products for your hot tub and your spa cover

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  1. Spa Cap - Square
    For certain environments and situations, it makes sense to use a low cost Spa Cap to protect both your hard cover and hot tub. For example, high UV locations such as in the mountains or desert of Phoenix. This Spa Cap is quite fashionable and achieves the protection with a durable water-repellent and resistant undercoating. The cap is made with heavyweight Gardelle woven polyester fabric. It has an elastic draw string around the bottom so it can be pulled tight to your hot tub. It has ventilated pockets so it can breathe underneath.
    * Fits up to 86in square
    * Protects expensive Hot Tub covers from UV damage and exposure from the elements
    * Gardelle™ Fabric System features an elegant water-repellent fabric top with a protective water resistant undercoating and a protective dark splash guard skirt
    * Air vents reduce inside condensation and wind lofting
    * Padded handles for easy fitting and removal
    * Elastic hem cord with toggle allows adjustment for a tight and custom fit
    * Three-year limited warranty
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    Regular Price: $118.88

    Special Price $98.88

  2. UltraLift Standard Mount

    UltraLift Spa Cover Removal System

    The strongest and most versatile cover lifter available!
    ONE SIZE REALLY FITS ALL! Introducing Ultralift--the spa cover lifter that fits virtually every size, shape and brand of spa: square, rectangular, octagonal and angled-corner spas, freestanding, built-in or in ground hot tubs and spas.
    Ultralift's patented sliding brackets attach the cover lifter directly to your spa skirt, deck or floor and adjust to fit in small spaces. Remove and replace your spa cover without straining and pushing; simply fold your cover over the Ultralift and let it do the lifting for you!
    Ultralift's simple pivot design includes a built-in locking pin to ensure that the cover remains safely in place when open. The Ultralift design ensures almost no flex when the cover is being opened or replaced. Ultralift can be installed on tubs up to 8 feet wide, and assembles in less than an hour with just a drill, screwdriver and wrench.
    • Patented Sliding Mounting Brackets allow for easy installation on nearly any size spa - no need for a separate lifter for different corner radius spas
    • Large Diameter Tube resists flex and torque, allowing one person to remove the cover
    • Cold Rolled Steel Brackets are e-coated and powder coated for long life. There are no plastic parts to weaken or break
    • Add Hydraulic Assist with simple accessory package
    • Easy Installation - UltraLift comes with easy to follow instructions, complete with diagrams and a full parts and tools required list
    • One Year Limited Warranty - View

    Click to view our two 10 second hot tub cover lifter videos

      A). A cover being removed AND stored in 10 seconds View Video   B). A cover being put back onto the hot tub in 6 seconds. View Video

    UltraLift with Standard Mount

    Our standard mount cover lifter lets you adjust the open cover height to your preference -- high for greater privacy or low for a less obstructed view. The position the brackets are mounted to the cabinet determines where the cover ends up. You may choose to mount the brackets high on the side of your spa so your cover enhances privacy, or low on the spa side or on the deck to store the cover behind your spa and maximize your view.

    Fits Virtually Any Spa (up to 96 inches wide)

    Fits square, rectangular and angled-corner spas, and both traditional wooden or portable hot tubs. In fact, the UltraLift fits virtually every brand of spa on the market!

    Easy Installation

    View Video UltraLift comes with easy-to-follow instructions, complete with diagrams and a full parts and tool list.

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    Regular Price: $198.88

    Special Price $174.88

  3. Foam cores in vapor barrier with C-channel
    Need to replace one or two of your hot tub cover's foam cores? You can with BeyondNice! If your cover folds in half, there are two foam cores inside. Be sure to select "Add a second foam core" below if you need to replace both foam cores. For our clients that need to replace the foam core only, we offer replacement foam cores. Select the thickness, the density and the vapor barrier, and we will manufacture and deliver your replacement foam. Below you can order a single foam core if only half of your cover has damage, or two foam cores for a complete cover. Replacement foam has FREE shipping. Learn More
  4. Replacement vinyl skin

    Need to replace your hot tub covers exterior vinyl skin? You can with BeyondNice!

    For our clients that need to replace the exterior vinyl skin only, we offer replacement hot tub cover vinyl skins. Select from the options below and we will manufacture and deliver a replacement vinyl skin to you.

    Replacement vinyl has FREE shipping.

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