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Thickest Hot Tub Covers: 6"-4" Tapered with 1.0# (R23.85-R37)

Product Review (submitted on June 28, 2013):
After 5 rough winters in New York, my hot tub needed a new cover. The old cover was split open to the point that leaves and dirty rain debris from the heavy spring rains were getting into the hot tub. Speaking of heavy, when I tried to lift the old cover to clean the hot tub, the old cover had absorbed so much water from the hot tub you had to practically be a weight lifter to even attempt to open the cover.
I had had enough! When I called to order a replacement cover from where I purchased the hot tub, I was quoted a price of close to $800 and that was to replace the original 4 inch tapered to 2 inch cover. That was when I started surfing the web and discovered Beyond Nice on - and let me tell you their name says it all! Their staff was helpful, friendly, knowledgeable, and not only gave me the best price I could find, but did not sell me anything I did not need. I will definitely use them again and recommend them to anyone that asks me about a hot tub cover.