When you buy a hot tub, you can’t wait to get it home and hook it up. But the warranty offers can be confusing. Are they worth the money or not? We Pros offer several key considerations that help you decide if a warranty is right for you.


Hot tub warranty


Is the manufacturer reliable?


You don’t want to spend money on a warranty if the hot tub’s manufacturer is unreliable. Do your homework to make sure you can receive replacement parts if you need them. You’ll also want to check out the dealer. If they’ve been loyal to one manufacturer for years, chances are good that they will be able to honor the warranty you buy.


What does the warranty cover?


Every warranty deal has fine print. Get out your magnifying glass, and read it!


In many cases, warranties cover:


  • the shell’s structure for seven years
  • the shell’s surface against blisters, cracks, peels or fading for five to 10 years
  • plumbing components for three years
  • electronic controls for three to four years against moisture or vapor damage
  • the heating element for at least one year since it will wear out
  • hot tub cover replacement for five to six years against normal wear, misuse or acts of nature

    Generally, warranties cover hot tub components for half the time the manufacturer expects the part to last. So, if the manufacturer designs the part to last for eight years, the warranty often covers four years.


    Can anything void the warranty?


    Manufacturers sometimes include clauses that list all the actions that void the warranty. Using a generic brand of chemicals and setting your hot tub in the sun are two examples of actions that void some warranties.


    As you decide if you need a hot tub warranty or not, remember that replacing hot tub components is part of hot tub ownership. Regular maintenance ensures your hot tub is ready when you want to enjoy it!


    Happy Tubbing!
    Ethel Elliott


    Ethel Elliott
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