Spring fever has hit, and it’s time to get ready for warm summer weather. Is your backyard ready? After the beating it took over winter, give it a makeover and get ready for summer with five tips.


Spring fever


Clean the Deck


Snow looks white as it falls, but it leaves deposits of dirt all over your deck. Use a pressure washer to remove the grime. Then sand and stain the wood so it will look beautiful all season.


Fix the Walkway


Are the stepping stones leading from your driveway to your backyard loose, broken or dirty? Fix them so you and your guests don’t trip or fall. Install new stones or repair broken ones. Now you’re ready to access your backyard safely.


Tune Up the Hot Tub


One of the most important features in your backyard oasis, the hot tub needs a bit of love so it can perform properly all summer. After you inspect your spa cover or hot tub cover for vinyl or water damage, decide if you need to replace it. Then change the water, inspect the shell for leaks and replace the filters. With a tune up, your hot tub sits ready and waiting to welcome you and your guests.


Prepare the Grill


All winter, you crave your favorite marinated meat. Clean off the grill, and prep it for the season. Start by cleaning off any rust. Touch up any damaged spots with paint that’s designed to withstand high temperatures. Then refill the propane or stock up on charcoal, buy new grilling tools and get ready to barbecue.


Spruce up the Garden


Your garden’s been neglected long enough. It’s craving some attention, and spring is the perfect time to give it a makeover. Start by clearing the leaves and debris from your flowerbeds. Compost as much as you can then dig up the dirt and buy new plants. With a little TLC, your garden is ready to bloom pretty.


Spring weather invites you to get outside and enjoy your backyard. First, give it a makeover and make it beautiful with five simple tips that turn your drab outdoor living space into a beautiful oasis. Then welcome summer!


Happy Tubbing!
Ethel Elliott


Ethel Elliott
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