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Hot Tub Covers

Our Standard Hot Tub Covers Are More Than
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You will love our hot tub covers, made with top quality materials! You can choose from various replacement spa covers selling at the best prices online. Do not settle for low prices due to inferior, cheap materials. Enjoy the value and low prices we offer due to volume and efficiency! All our foam hot tub covers come with a 5 year warranty and are UL Approved for ASTM F 1346-91 Standard Performance Specifications. BeyondNice's hot tub covers have two lifting handles standard; one on each side of the fold/hinge. All of our covers come with a multi-layer vinyl hinge to aid in the handling and folding of the cover. Our "Steam Stopper" heat sealing pillows are included for added insulation and our bottom mesh allows additional moisture relief. We place them at the end of each hinge along with four locking straps , one on each side of the cover, to maximize thermal retention. For additional protection, you may choose up to a 6" skirt on your replacement hot tub cover, which also helps to prevent evaporation.

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Hot Tub And Spa Covers: Useful Information

The use of hot tubs in cold weather climates has become more common with units that are now more efficient than ever. In the past the motor on a hot tub that was used in cold winter weather would run almost constantly, which in turn would result in an extremely high electric bill. With new hot tubs being made with more efficient motors that lose less heat, it has become much more affordable to operate a hot tub regardless of how cold the weather is. Another improvement comes in the way of insulation, as new units have much greater insulating properties which keeps the water hot with less effort by the motor. The majority of heat loss in new units is now through hot tub covers, which have remained much the same over the last 20-30 years.

With all other aspects of hot tubs seeing improvements it is quite surprising that manufacturers have not focused on making hot tub covers that help further increase the efficiency of their units. Since most hot tubs have a cover on them the majority of the time it only makes sense to address this issue. One company that has designed more efficient hot tub covers is BeyondNice, which can be found at At their website you will find a huge selection of hot tub covers & spa covers which will work for any model and any application you can think of.

The hot tub covers found at the website above are custom made using the measurements from your specific unit to ensure a perfect fit every time. They have replacement spa covers which range from basic right up to covers that are strong enough to be walked on by an adult. The majority of the covers they make have a solid foam core to provide the highest value possible, which helps your hot tub keep the heat inside. If your hot tub cover needs to be replaced or you are looking for a model to better insulate your hot tub, you will want to visit the website above to browse the covers available.

The hot tub covers sold by BeyondNice at the website above are all custom made to your specifications to ensure you get exactly what you want. The process starts by going to the site and choosing the style and materials that are best suited for your situation. You then provide them with the measurements of your hot tub, detailed instructions are available on the website for what measurements they need. Once they have all of your information your replacement spa cover is built and within 7-10 days it will be shipped out to you. The biggest surprise that most people have when they receive their hot tub covers from BeyondNice is how securely they fit. Most people state that the new cover actually fits better than the one that was made by the manufacturer. With a variety of colors and styles available you will certainly be able to find the right fit to match your existing hot tub setup. Be sure to visit their website above for all of the available options and other specific information related to replacement spa covers.