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Hot Tub Cover Technical

Construction Materials:

Insulating Core:

High density, top quality insulating polystyrene, 4" to 2" taper so rainwater runs off. We also offer 5" to 3" & 6" to 4" taper spa covers for even greater insulation and strength.


Non-corrosive, galvanized channel bars add superior strength and prevent warping while keeping weight down. We have not had a single rust failure or complaint in 30 years. Plus, it will not fail, bend or warp like aluminum which is 30% weaker.

Vapor Barrier:

Machine heat sealed around the core, this thick polyethylene wrap keeps moisture out of the cores.

Vinyl Covering (top & sides):

26 oz. Marine Grade (best for UV), tough and resilient, is resistant to mildew, abrasion, cracking (-20F), blocking, chlorine and is treated front and back.


Industrial Grade poly-laminate mesh with polyester reinforcement and mildew inhibitors.


Marine Grade polyester thread with rugged reinforced stitching.


Heavy-duty 45 nylon, commercial grade, with aluminum pulls are corrosion resistant and tested to handle one million uses.