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Hot Tub Cover Upgrades And Options

Continuous Hinge Seal

Continuous Hinge Seal

The continuous hinge seal extends the full length of the fold for maximum insulation and significantly cuts heating bills, compared to the standard steam stopper pillows. Customers report the snow no longer melts above the fold! This upgrade pays for itself many times over by reducing operating costs for the life of the cover. This adds R-9 to any cover. $24

Cover Thickness

4-2 On 6-4

Further reduce your heating bills with greater cover thickness . A 6" - 4" cover with 1.0 pound foam has a higher R-value (insulating factor) than a higher priced 5" - 3" cover with 2.0 pound foam.

Vapor Barrier Upgrades -
Double Thick or Double Thick & Double Wrapped Barrier

Double Thick Vapor Barrier Upgrade

Extend the life of your spa lid cover by 12 - 18 months with our double thick vapor barrier wrap. 82% of hot tub covers die from water logging due to vapor barrier failure. This failure will happen eventually to every cover due to decomposition from spa chemicals, ozonators, etc. Doubling the thickness causes the deterioration to take longer. We also offer the Double Thick Barrier - double wrapped over your foam cores to give maximum protection and to get maximum life from your new cover. Double Thick - $25 Double Thick AND Double Wrapped - $41

Core Density

Snow On Spa Cover

Hot tub covers are not meant to handle loads like kids, pets, wet snow, etc. However, the strength can be increased for additional protection by increasing the core density of the foam in the cover. Additional strength allows greater abuse before the foam will crack and fail. We recommend 2.0# foam if you have a lot of snow and we recommend upgrading to at least 1.5# foam if you have a 4-2 taper cover. The warranty does not cover cracking.

Flat, Non-Tapering Cover

Flat No Taper

If you hot tub is sheltered with a gazebo or decking above, you can increase your cover's insulation R-factor and strength by upgrading our 4-2 or 5-3 cover to a flat, non-tapering cover. The taper is so rain and snow drip off so if you do not have those elements, a flat cover will be better. $33

Split Corner Skirts

Split Corner Skirts

Split corner skirts allow the cover to close more easily so you do not have to walk around to each corner to make sure the skirt is not stuck underneath the cover when it was closed. By splitting the skirt at the corners, the skirt does not fold underneath the cover when closing and prevents costly heat loss. $24

Additional 4 Tie Down Straps

4 Additional Tie Down Straps

Sometimes a hot tub cover strap on each of the four sides is not enough. We can add an additional 4 straps, so each side of the hot tub cover has two straps for windy locations. $17

Reinforced Hinge

Reinforced Hinge

Our reinforced hinge is designed specifically to add strength to the cover when used with a cover lifter. We add reinforcement to the fold/hinge to increase it's strength when used with a fold over type cover lifter. These lifters "hang" the cover from it's hinge over the lifter bar, and can wear on the hinge over time. This upgrade adds nylon webbing which is sewn into the hinge. This jacuzzi cover part is made from the same strapping used for the tie down straps and handles. The nylon strap is sewn internally into the hinge area, making a multilayer hinge. $23

Walk On Cover

Walk On Covers

Our "Walk On" cover will support about 400 pounds. The construction is exactly the same as our Standard cover but a laminated fiberglass sheet is attached to the core. This cover weighs approximately 100 pounds where our Standard cover weighs approximately 40 pounds. This cover is useful for spas that are installed into a deck, flush with the walking surface or for locations with heavy snow or large pets.

Spa Cover Lifter

Spa Cover Lifter

The spa cover lifter removal system makes it easy to remove and recover your spa cover. Your spa cover is stored safely off the ground and in a low storage position to avoid falling over. Our lifter is made in the U.S.A. with the thickest tubing and no lead paint! $149