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Q: Which cover is right for OUTDOOR use?

A: For outdoors, select from our Tapering Foam Covers that help rain run off.

If your focus is on INSULATION, and keeping the heat inside the hot tub, then read on.

For the lowest cost insulating foam core cover – select our 4” thick cover for $284

For the thickest, most insulating basic foam cover – select our 6” thick cover for $326

For the most insulating hot tub cover made today – select our Eco cover for $389

Q: Which cover is right for INDOOR use?

A: For an indoor cover, upgrade to a Flat/Non-Tapering Cover.

Upgrade our 4” thick or 5” thick tapering cover to flat/non-tapering cover for both more insulation and strength

Q: I don's need insulation, I just want a cover. Now what?

A: If you have no need for the cover to insulate, select our Soft Cover.

If you have no need to keep heat in the hot tub; for the lowest cost, with little insulation – select our soft cover for $169

Q: How can I improve the strength of my cover?

A: We offer a number of options to keep the foam cores from breaking.

All of the foam covers above can be manufactured to be even stronger by upgrading to a more dense foam core. Standard hot tub covers are 1.0 pound foam density unless upgraded. Upgrades are available to either 1.5 or 2.0 pound foam cores for environments where the hot tub cover will need to support weight such as snow, animals or children.

Q: How can I find my current spa dimensions by make, model and/or brand?

A: The easiest and fastest way to search our web site is to use the Search box.

Type in any information you have and click on "Find Now". It will return links to all pages that match. It will produce the best search results if you start with a single word, such as the model of your hot tub. For example, instead of entering "Advanced Spas Apollo", search first for the more specific "Apollo".

Q: How do I provide the dimensions for my new hot tub cover?

A: Search our spa dimension data base

Search our data base for the manufacturer and model of hot tub. This can be especially helpful if your hot tub has any difficult to fit features such as raised speakers in the corners, sides that curve out or in, kidney or oval shapes, etc. If your hot tub is found in our data base, you can then order using the supplied spa cover dimensions as your reference, and measure your hot tub cover to confirm. We have most hot tub dimensions from the manufacturers. If you find your spa in our data base, you can quickly proceed to the specific page by using the search box at the top left corner of every page of this web site to find your page.

A: Provide the dimensions from your cover or spa

If you do not find your spa in our data base, there is no cause for concern. By far, the vast majority of the spa covers we manufacture are made to the specifications provided by our clients. We make hundreds of covers every week based on client provided dimensions. You can read tips on how to measure or even watch our measuring video on how to measure rounded corners. If you like the fit of your current cover, measure it and we will replicate it so a good fit is assured. Start this process here.

Q: Will the cover work with my Hot Springs cover lifter system, that attaches into my current cover?

A: Your spa cover can NOT be manufactured with the internal metal attachment points!

For clients with Hot Spring cover lifters or cover removal systems, your spa cover CANNOT be manufactured with the internal metal attachment points. The choice is typically between paying more for a cover that is compatible with the Hot Spring lifters, OR purchasing a common cover for a lower price and replacing your lifter with a universal fold over type lifter.

Q: My spa is installed in a deck. Do you make Walk On covers?

A: Yes!

If the hot tub is installed into a deck, where it may be walked on or stepped on, a Walk On hot tub cover may be required. These spa covers can support up to 400 pounds of weight load to keep everyone safe.

My spa shape is irregular (oval, kidney, etc.) or I have speakers in the corners that are raised above the acrylic lip of the tub. What do I do?

We can still manufacture a custom cover for you.

First, check our data base to see if we have a template. If not, we will require one of the following:

  • Email with the make, model and year of your hot tub so we can check withh production.
  • A detailed drawing with accurate dimensions
  • A template can be made using a plastic painter's drop cloth. Simply tape it over the hot tub, and trace the outline showing how you want the cover to fit. Send it to us.
  • We can use the exterior vinyl skin of your current cover as a template.

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For any additional questions, please feel free to speak with a hot tub cover specialist: