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Learn More About Hot Tub & Spa Covers

How to find The Right Size?

Know the model name or number of your hot tub?

If you know the model name or number of your hot tub, the fastest way to get the size information you need is to use the search box at the top right of every page here. Enter the model for your hot tub and we will get a list of our hot tub cover replacements.

Know only the manufacturer of your hot tub?

If you know only the manufacturer of your hot tub, you can use the top menu on this page (below our logo) to go directly to your spa manufacturer's page. There you can browse the different models and years to find your spa cover replacement.

Not sure of either the make or model?

No worries! Nearly 80% of custom manufactured covers are made using owner supplied dimensions. Typically, we can make a cover to fit your spa from three or four simple dimensions. Typical features that will require additional specifications include raised speakers or control panels, water falls, air breathers, handles, etc. Our FAQ page has a great wealth of detail on how to measure the length, width, rounded or cut corners and the skirt length from either your hot tub or your current cover. If you already know those specifications, you can begin your order here.

Which Cover Is Right for You?

If I Want:

The lowest possible heating costs

Then I Need:

  • To maximize my cover’s thickness with 4″, 5″ or 6″ thick covers tapered for rain
  • Flat covers for protected spas or indoors
  • The continuous hinge seal to add R-9insulation

If I Want:

The strongest cover for snow weight

Then I Need:

  • To maximize the foam density (1.0, 1.5 or 2.0)
  • To maximize the cover thickness
  • The Walk On cover that supports 400 pounds

If I Want:

The longest cover life expectancy

Then I Need:

  • To maximize protection from waterlogging
  • To maximize the foam density (1.0, 1.5 or 2.0)
  • To reinforce the hinge for my cover lifter bar

View Our Hot Tub Cover Gallery

Spa Accessories On Sale Now!

Spa Cover Lifter & Removal System

The spa cover removal system makes it easy to remove and recover your spa cover. Your spa cover is stored safely off the ground and in a low storage position to avoid falling over. Minimum clearance at cover storage area 18 inches. Minimum clearance at sides 4 inches.

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Highest Quality Lifter on the Market

Spa Steps for Easy Entry

These BeyondNice, top quality, solid Redwood steps make a wonderful addition to any spa. You can choose from straight steps, curved steps for round spas, steps with storage inside or steps with a handrail. Please note that our steps are custom made to your specifications. We typically ship your steps in 2 - 3 weeks from receipt of your order.

Colors: Redwood, Coastal Gray, Mahogany (to match Sundance Spas) and Espresso (to match Hot Spring cabinets).

Read Our Customer Testimonials

Here’s What Some Of Our Satisfied Clients Have Been Saying…

“Just received my new cover and I love it! Since I purchased my hot tub new the original cover never really fit properly. You need to convince prospective customers that your process for ordering a custom cover really works best. I did not understand why I couldn't simply tell you the make and model of my Hot Tub and expect it to fit. I now understand what you mean when you say in your web site that you build it to the exact dimensions that the customer orders. Thanks for a quality product!” Maury F. (Detroit, Michigan)

“Thank you so much for our new hot tub cover! It came exactly as expected and I really appreciated the frequent email updates you sent while we waited for delivery. The color is great and it really seems to be well made. Put it on as soon as it was delivered, and fits perfectly (actually, better than the original) Our original cover was since 2002, and had survived Hurricane Katrina in 2005, but actually didn't make it through Hurricane Isaac a couple of weeks ago. Glad to know that I could count on your company to make me a new one. Thanks again!” Jeannie M. (Denver Colorado)

“Hi! I just wanted to let you know that we have had our new hot tub cover for about one month and we love it! The cover really is much better than anything we could have ordered at a dealer store. The shipping went very well, too. I already left you positive feedback; but felt as though I should email you too! That's how happy we were with the purchase. Thanks again.” Kevin K. (Pittsburgh Pennsylvania)

“Hi! - I'm sorry we missed your telephone call. I would love to have had the opportunity to compliment your company profusely!! :)

We did receive our cover, exactly when promised. I am very happy that we changed our order and increased the size by 1". It fits perfectly! The lock straps are too short to fit our current clip holders, but I am assuming that is common - that's why new hardware is included. The color is beautiful; the workmanship appears to be high quality. We are anxiously awaiting our energy bill to see if we notice a reduction due to better heat management of our tub now.

Also, the deal we received with free shipping was unbelievable and most appreciated. I lost my employment recently, but we HAD to order a new cover prior to winter or face draining the tub completely. That savings (shipping) in addition to your truly great pricing allowed us to move forward with placing the order. And your choice of shippers? Superb. The driver (UPS freight) actually helped me carry the package into my garage, and had me open it for inspection before having me sign off. This was greatly appreciated, since the package did arrive partially opened. (The driver made comment how the taped ends hold so much better than the ends that are only stapled - just an FYI as the stapled ends were open).

We could not be happier so far, and are using the tub more often again now that our cover is in good repair and easier to handle.

Thank you for a fine product at a remarkable price. I will most certainly complete the seller rating on for you...5 stars!

Sandra Webber” Wendell G. (Chicago, Illinois)

Read More Client Testimonials

Rated 30 out of 30 - Feb 22, 2019 - Brooke

Such great quality and much better customer service than other hot tub cover companies we’ve tried in the past. Thank you.See the actual review.

Rated 30 out of 30 - Feb 14, 2019 - Bob

All product reviews for Beyond Nice hot tub covers were excellent and their website was easy to navigate, determine exactly what I needed, provided upgrade options at reasonable cost and placing the order was very easy.See the actual review.

Rated 27 out of 30 - Feb 16, 2019 - HanksBeard55

The experience was super easy I liked the options and their descriptions made it very easy to decide what would work best for my budget and I liked that there was a discount code and the total before placing the order. Thank you very much it was so easy. ThanksSee the actual review.

Rated 30 out of 30 - Dec 13, 2018 - Oz

I was leaning towards buying a cover from The Cover Guys until I read their reviews. I fairly certain I purchased my last cover from them and it seems they've let their quality standards drop. Lots of complaints about inferior craftsmanship and poor Customer Service. I'm hoping Beyond Nice is the better alternative

I ordered expedited delivery for my cover and wasn't let down. However, the covers card board shipping container arrived looking terrible, it was pretty beat up and torn in several places. I was out of town when the cover arrived and my co-worker wrote "DAMAGED" on the delivery slip as instructed. I wasn't expecting issues with the manufacturer after reading many of their reviews. In fact they reached out to me before I was able to view the cover as delivered. The main reason I went with this company is due to their on-line reviews and seeing how another manufacturer charges $hipping for return$. I was very happy to find my cover in perfect condition after removing it from the box. It fits great and looks even better. Since delivery I've been contacted to make sure I'm happy with my cover, it's nice to know a company stands behind their product.. : ) See the actual review.

Rated 30 out of 30 - Nov 24, 2018 - Gil

Finally! An easy to use website! I love the way everything is broken down to the smallest detail so I know what I ordered. Also how it helped me double check all of the options. See the actual review.

Rated 25 out of 30 - Nov 24, 2018 - Coastal California

Beyond Nice had some very good reviews on two different websites. I compared their hot tub cover prices versus two competitors and although they were comparable, the recommendations prompted me to purchase Beyond Nice. My only negative was that I have an old Hot Springs Grandee and had to measure all of the dimensions whereas another site populated all of the fields once I entered the product number of the spa. It turned out that some of my measurements were indeed off versus the standard spa cover. See the actual review.

Rated 30 out of 30 - Nov 04, 2018 - Andy

I found the product at Amazon but decided to go directly to product’s website because that was more options and details about it. Ordering was quick and easy and hopefully they can work fast and I’ll be happy to have it by beginning of next month.See the actual review.

Rated 30 out of 30 - Nov 02, 2018 - Sal

Wow! i just got a great deal on the best hot tub cover i ever owned. i never had a 6/4 thickness spa cover before and got it at the same price as my usual 4/2 or 5/3,PLUS i got 2# foam instead of my usual 1#, with double wrap and double thick,this cover is going to be great!!!. then on top of it all, i got a coupon code and got an additional 5% off and free shipping! can't wait to get it. So far it's been a very good day! See the actual review.

Rated 29 out of 30 - Nov 01, 2018 - Ricky

Good step by step order to complete all ordering dimensions and optional add ons. Always know where you are going. Great experience. See the actual review.

Rated 30 out of 30 - Nov 01 27, 2018 - srowe

Website is concise and informative, making selections easy. Correspondence by email is excellent, all inquiries were quickly answered. This is my second cover from the company. Their product is excellent. See the actual review.

Rated 25 out of 30 - Oct 27, 2018 - thescot14

BeyondNice had a site that was easy to navigate, easy to get the details that I needed to make my purchase, and had links to 3rd party sites that helped me verity their quality. In reading their responses to customers on sites like Amazon, trust was built that BeyondNice cared to know the specifics of the issues that people had, and tried to resolve them. See the actual review.

Rated 30 out of 30 - Oct 27, 2018 - R.S.

I love that I can configure all of the options to suit my needs See the actual review.

Rated 30 out of 30 - Oct 25, 2018 - Mike

Following analysis of the purchasing options, a quick call to a very knowledgeable person, I was ready to order a hot tub cover. Easy are one could imagine to place the online order I hope the product is as good as the ordering experience See the actual review.

Rated 30 out of 30 - Oct 24, 2018 - Koz

I just purchased a new hot tub cover. You came highly recommended by my neighbor who bought one. Very very easy to order from. Many hints and pics to guide the way with measurements. Very happy with there service so far. See the actual review.

Rated 30 out of 30 - Oct 20, 2018 - Regina

I really liked the wide variety of choices BeyondNice offered. The site had so many choices, but was super easy to use. I researched and this was the best price I found . I was even more excited when I got free shipping for my purchase. See the actual review.

Rated 30 out of 30 - Oct 18, 2018 - DBoiler

The website is very easy to scroll through and the "view" links with pictures are very helpful. However, making an order like this without ever ordering one of these (hot tub covers) before made me a little nervous so I called and got excellent help. See the actual review.

Rated 27 out of 30 - Oct 16, 2018 - Online Shopper

Better product than competitors in Quality and Price., Sales assured of timely delivery which is a big plus. See the actual review.

Rated 30 out of 30 - Oct 14, 2018 - Thunderbog

I am really happy to have been able to order this spa cover on line- it was pretty easy and fast. Once I was able to figure out the dimensions and the model of my existing tub, it was a breeze. I will definitely recommend this site to my friends who have hot tubs. Also, the price is 200$ less that if I ordered through the business where I got my last two covers. See the actual review.

Rated 29 out of 30 - Oct 5, 2018 - Bessie

We customized a hot tub cover within minutes thanks to the straight forward options and helpful hints next to each questions. We shopped other websites and didn’t find them as easy to navigate nor provide as much information on the spa covers. We would recommend Beyondnice and will use them again for additional accessories. See the actual review.

Rated 27 out of 30 - Oct 4, 2018 - Coastal Soul

Searched Google to find ratings of replacement hot tub covers and Beyond Nice was rated in the top 5 of every rating article I found. Went to their site and compared their price of a replacement cover to like covers of the other top 5 companies. Based on price, quality of materials used and length of warranty I chose Beyond Nice See the actual review.

Rated 30 out of 30 - Sep 22, 2018 - Online Shopper

Love this beautiful blue hot tub cover sleeve! Fits perfectly, shipped very fast, and was easy to install. Great quality, so far and makes our older spa appear new again! The only thing we didn't like was the inner lining was mesh and we didn't expect that. You can see through it to the foam inside, which is rather old looking...but we may have missed the opportunity to upgrade that aspect, without realizing that's what we were clicking 'no thanks' on. Overall, we're amazed and thankful. See the actual review.

Rated 30 out of 30 - Sep 13, 2018 - Tracker Chris

I purchased from beyond nice due to other good reviews online, also i requested some additional info about the hot tub covers and they responded right away, where as i had asked Cover Guy for additional info and received no response which made my choice to go with beyondnice. See the actual review.

Rated 30 out of 30 - Sep 11, 2018 - JS

My hot tub cover has been wonderful! I am re-ordering from BeyondNice. See the actual review.

Rated 30 out of 30 - Sep 3, 2018 - Carol D.

Other than the live chat not answering, it's been great! I emailed and they got right back to me. They found my past order so I would be able to reorder. And I am reordering because the price and quality are awesomet See the actual review.

Rated 30 out of 30 - Aug 31, 2018 - Online Shopper

One of the best laid-out websites that I have ever used. It was extremely logical, helpful and made my order easy to place with confidence. See the actual review.

Rated 30 out of 30 - Aug 24, 2018 - Online Shopper

Product was superior to the item I replaced. Communication was superior & delivery time was superior. My item was custom made and required exact specifications. Five stars on all counts, See the actual review.

Rated 30 out of 30 - Jul 26, 2018 - RichL

I have made two purchases from Beyond Nice in the past 10 years. The hot-tub cover I purchased in 2009, which was designed and expected to last 4-5 years, lasted 9.5. I am extremely pleased with the product construction and quality, and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great value. See the actual review.