Many clients calling BeyondNice when ordering their new spa covers inquire about cover lifters or cover removal systems. Cover lifters can be a wonderful accessory to your hot tub and can add ease of use by creating a place for your cover to rest as well as help with lifting off the cover. Lifters make getting into and out of your spa very simple and reduce the effort to almost nothing. This is a great reason to order a cover lifter!




Some of our clients however, want to order a cover lifter because they have spent months or even years lifting a heavy, waterlogged cover off of their spa and think that this will help. Cover lifters are not meant to hold or lift waterlogged covers.


The first thing BeyondNice recommends is of course to not to let your cover get waterlogged so you can extend the life of the cover. A cover lifter is definitely a great purchase to save you from back pain when lifting the hot tub cover on and off, it is generally not a bad idea to purchase one with the cover. However, when a cover does get waterlogged you will need to replace the cover.


You should not use the cover lifter as an aide to help you lift a waterlogged cover. In this case you can break the cover and the lifter. BeyondNice has posted a blog on “how to keep my cover from getting waterlogged?


A standard hot tub cover, less than 96 inches long weighs approximately 45 pounds total weight. That means each side would weigh about 23 pounds, and is easily lifted. The weight is not the difficult part. Spa covers are just so large they are unwieldy.


A cover lifter is always nice to have and can help with the storage of the cover as well. You may want to look at our cover lifters under our spa accessory section of our site. They are telescopic and can be easily mounted and adjusted. We suggest mounting the cover lifter to the deck or to the mounting plates that are available for extra strength. You can however mount the lifter to the side of your tub if you would like to.


The cover lifters are a great compliment to the cover! Hope this helps!


Happy Tubbing!
Ethel Elliott


Ethel Elliott
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