Having a hot tub or spa is a great way to relax. Even if you're just spending a few minutes in one after a hard day at work, a quick dip in a spa can certainly take the edge off the day. However, it is a huge annoyance to have to clean your hot tub before you can get in it. Having a hot tub or spa cover means you can simply flip the cover off, crank up the bubbles and hop in. Most people buy one when they first get their hot tub or spa but may not realize it does need replacing from time to time. Is it time to replace yours?

** Hot tub cover - BEFORE

Hot tub cover - Before

** Hot tub cover - AFTER

Hot tub cover - After


Most hot tub and spa covers are designed to last for years before replacement. That means it becomes one of those things we really don't think much about and replacing it when necessary drops way down on our priority lists. But, the older the hot tub cover is, the higher the odds are that it does need to be replaced.


Here are some things to look for that are signs you should replace your cover:


- Cracks or cuts in the vinyl top or sides: These allow water to get inside the cover where the foam can soak it up making it heavier allowing for mold to grow.


- Hard places in the foam: While not the most urgent reason to replace spa covers, hard places in the foam means the material inside the cover is degrading. You may not need to replace the cover immediately, but you will have to soon.


- Soft places in the foam: The foam in your hot tub cover should be consistently firm. If there are soft places, this also means the foam is degrading and the cover should be replaced soon.


- Split seams: As with cracks above, this will also allow water to seep into the cover. If the split is large enough, small insects may also crawl into the cover to nest.


Granted, replacing your cover may not be something that occurs often, but it does have to be done on occasion. When you buy a new one, make sure it fits your spa correctly to prevent the wind from blowing it off and debris getting into your water.


Happy Tubbing!
Ethel Elliott


Ethel Elliott

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