Hot tub cover center thickness

We frequently get the question as to whether or not you should order a tapered or sloped cover versus a flat cover. Some clients have never had a tapered cover before and have no idea what the benefits would be. Some clients don’t know the benefits of ordering a tapered cover versus the flat cover they have already.


We are going to help our clients understand the benefits of the tapered cover and the benefits of the flat cover, and which one you should choose when ordering your cover and why.


A tapered or sloped cover means that the hot tub cover will slope from the middle near the hinge, out to the ends. For example, it can be 6 inches at the center hinge and will slope down to the ends to be 4 inches. Most tapered covers will have a 2 inch slope from the center hinge or fold down to the ends. Typically the tapered covers will come in different thicknesses such as 6 inch to 4 inch, 5 inch to 3 inch, and 4 inch to 2 inch.


The tapered covers are great for outdoor spas that can be exposed to the rain and snow elements. The slope allows the rain water and melted snow to run off and not pool on top of the cover and cause damage. This cover is ideal for any spa that is outside and exposed to these elements. If your hot tub has a covering over the top, like a gazebo or an awning, etc. then you will not need the tapered cover, and can go with the option of the flat cover.

Spa cover edge thickness

The flat covers are recommended for hot tubs that are indoors or have a covering over top of them to protect from the rain and snow. The flat covers will offer the benefit of greater strength since they are made flat, but are not usually ordered as most spas and hot tubs are outdoors. Flat hot tub covers insulate better than tapered spa covers, even covers that have the same R-value, as it is an AVERAGE R-value calculation for tapering thickness covers.


The R- value may be the same on the tapered covers, but they cannot insulate as well as the flat covers due to there being large areas where the cover is thinner is certain area. Most will opt for the taper regardless as it is well worth keeping the water off the top of the cover.