We often get calls and inquiries about the foam inserts cracking or breaking on one or both sides of the hot tub cover or spa cover. Some of the reasons this may happen are children or even adults climbing, standing or sitting on top of the cover, storm damage, large dogs or animals climbing on top of the cover, etc. If your foam cores are cracked or broken because your cover is waterlogged and heavy then you musts replace the entire cover, due to the damage that water logging can cause to the vinyl as well.

Hot tub covers foam cores can be removed and re-inserted

Cracked or broken foam is not covered under warranty so you will not be able to rely on your warranty for foam insert replacements. The best way to avoid the foam from cracking is to purchase the strongest foam available, typically the 2# density foam to ensure a long life of your hot tub cover. Of course you will want to keep people and animals off of the cover to protect it from breaking, that is not always possible.


If you find yourself in a position where you have one or both of the inserts needing to be replaced due to cracking, you can purchase just the foam inserts and then replace them into your existing vinyl.


Some clients in this position are concerned that removing the old inserts and then replacing the new foam inserts may be a difficult task. Not to worry, we have these simple steps that will help ease your mind and guide you as you replace your foam core inserts and care for your cover.


Foam core removal and insertion:


The simplest way to think of replacing the foam core inserts of your spa cover is to view it as one large pillow case of vinyl that is hinged together in the middle.


To gain access to the zippers, fold the cover in half, one side on top of the other. Now stand facing the fold area, you will have both zippers now directly in front of you. Unzip the side that is on top, all the way to the end. This will give you access to the foam core inside.


Your next step will be to pull the cover back over one side of the foam, then back over the other. You will then be able to pull the rest of the foam core out. Now you have removed the foam cores!


To reinsert your new foam inserts, it is just the reverse of this process.


Always remember to be careful not to tear or snag the vapor barrier plastic that is wrapped around the new foam inserts. This is your protection that prevents moisture from getting into the foam and prevents the water logging.