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Length and width

If you like the fit of the cover you are replacing, simply measure your cover and we will make your new cover the same size. If not, you can easily measure your hot tub itself by measuring the length and width to the outside edge of the top of the spa.

Rounded corners

If you would like help measuring the rounded corners, BeyondNice help is here! Watch the 1 minute video below that will walk you through the process. Need more info? View our brief overview.

Provided manufacturer sizes

You can check your measurement against the sizes on our web site which were provided by the spa manufacturers. If they differ, we have found the best fit comes from submitting your measurements.​


  • Remember if you want to add some slack, adding 1 inch will create 1/2 inch slack on each side.
  • If you want to use the manufacturer supplied size, we recommend measuring your cover or spa to confirm the cover will fit properly using their size.

Q. Can I order my hot tub covers with the make and model of my spa?

A. Hot tub manufacturers are constantly modifying their spas and molds. We have templates for hundreds of the most popular hot tub covers, but your measured dimensions are the most accurate and ensure a proper fit to your hot tub! Our customers report EXCELLENT results on the fit of their replacement hot tub covers.

Search our data base here

Q. Should I measure my old hot tub cover or the hot tub itself?

A. If you like the way your hot tub cover fits, measure the cover. However, if your current cover is warped or damaged in any way, we recommend you measure the hot tub itself. Hot tub covers have a tendency to shrink over time, so measuring the acrylic tub is the best way to get the correct measurements and hot tub covers that fit perfectly.

Q. Where should I measure?

Measuring your cover    Measuring your hot tub

A. Measure the length and width, AT THE WIDEST POINT. Round up every measurement to the nearest half inch.
B. BE SURE to note where the measurement lines start and end for the hot tub shape you have.
C. The general rule is: if a cover is a little too big, it will fit fine. If it is a little too small, it won't be a hot tub cover.

Q. I have areas on my hot tub that are raised. How do I order?

A. We can make hot tub covers with air buttons, head rests, control panels, handles, etc. that are raised above the lip and require custom cut-outs and recesses. A detailed explanation will be required and an additional charge is necessary. Please contact us for further information on these types of hot tub covers.

Q. How do I specify where I want my cover to fold?

A. We can manufacture your spa cover to fold either side in half.

  • Fold longer side in half    Show Me
  • Fold shorter side in half    Show Me
  • Does not matter (Length = Width or Shape is round)    Show Me

Measuring spa covers with rounded corners

Click for a brief overview

Hot tub covers - Measuring for rounded/radius corners

Example photograph - round down (smaller) if in doubt

Hot tub covers - Measuring for rounded/radius corners

To make the cover's corner larger, round the radius measurement down. Example photograph:

Hot tub covers - Measuring for rounded/radius corners

A 1 minute video guide: Measuring the rounded corner radius.

Printable corner radius template

We also provide a paper hot tub cover corner template as well. Download it, print it and take it out to your hot tub. Then, cut the template back to the fit of your hot tub corners. We make hundreds of rounded corner hot tub covers every week!