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Replace your hot tub cover now to save money!

Stop wasting money on your heating bill every single day. Stop risking your health!

You know you need to replace your lid. The statistics show that 82% of spa covers fail from getting extremely heavy due to waterlogging. We know you are dreading it - the shopping, the worry, the trusting an online store, the price. If you are reading this, it is most likely well past the time when your old cover should have been replaced. Below we will list the top three reasons to avoid delay in getting your old cover to the dump.

  • Waterlogged spa covers not only fail to insulate, but they actually pull heat out of your hot tub 32 times faster than air! If you consider ONLY the insulation, you would be better off with no cover on your hot tub than with a waterlogged cover. Yes, you know how heavy the cover can get, and that makes it difficult to open and nearly impossible to take off. Eventually, you will just stop using your spa - NO GOOD!
  • Waterlogged hot tub covers promote bacterial growth including Legionnaire's Disease. The common term is "hot tub lung". It is caused by tiny airborne particles of bacterium, that are inhaled. The water in the tub is treated with chemicals to retard growth and kill any bacterial growth that may occur. Moisture gets into the spa cover through condensation once the vapor barrier fails. The hot water creates steam that rises and condenses on the cover, where it is now free of disinfecting chemicals. The foam acts like a giant sponge, absorbing and holding this water. Now we have a moist, warm and dark place where bacteria can easily grow. Replace your cover immediately if this should begin to happen although it is hard to see as it is happening inside the cover. The best early warning that this is occurring is when your cover starts gaining weight from waterlogging.
  • Waterlogged hot tub covers dramatically increase your heating bill. You are literally paying to heat the back yard. We all know how rapidly water conducts heat. When the foam cores, which get their insulating properties from trapping air, have the air displaced by water, the cover turns into a conductor of heat instead of an inhibitor to heat loss. The sooner this situation is stopped, the sooner the daily money loss can be eliminated.