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Customize Your Cover

Quick Overview

Model: SERENITY - SERENITY 5 - Year: Unknown

Replacement Hot Tub Spa Covers for the SERENITY - SERENITY 5. Largest U.S. manufacturer. Lowest price guaranteed. Free shipping! 970-703-3074

We could not get the specifications from the manufacturer. However, we can still make a great cover that will fit perfectly from your dimensions. Over 80% of the covers we manufacture are made from client provided measurements. Enter your selections below to order.

Make Your Selections

If any dimension exceeds 100 inches, the cover must be made with at least 3 panels, click here to proceed.

REQUIRED: Select your cover thickness here. Thicker covers insulate better.   See comparison

Preview All Shape Choices

Click the cameras below to view larger color images, or use our Zoomable color chart

Click each camera to view pictures showing comparisons of our current vinyl with the fabric look vinyls.

  Brown   Brown Close-Up

  Gray   Gray Close-Up

  Charcoal   Charcoal Close-Up

See how to measure

For maximum insulation, select the Long Steam Stopper below to add R-9 to any cover by preventing heat loss through the fold/hinge area

Add strength to support snow, animals, etc. so the foam does not break View

Add strapping when a cover lifter is used Prevent this!

Customize the look of your cover by selecting from the following handle styles. View Comparison The handle under the skirt is stronger and lasts longer because it is protected from the weather.

Are there raised controls, vents or handles? Control Panel Air Vent Handle.

* Note: BeyondNice covers are not compatible with Hot Spring and other cover lifters that require mounting screws attaching into the cover.
* Note: BeyondNice does not make covers for spas with raised speakers.

Spa covers ship ground via freight carriers, due to their size. UPS and FedEx will not accept them. Rush deliveries are not available with ground carriers. However, we can expedite the MANUFACTURING time if needed. The options are below.

Manufacturing time is currently about three weeks, unless manufacturing rush is selected above.

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Replacement Hot Tub & Spa Covers for SERENITY - SERENITY 5. Largest U.S. manufacturer. Lowest price guaranteed. Free shipping! 970-703-3074

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