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Customer Reviews

Rating Great bargain.
My wife and I really needed a replacement cover for our hot tub. Having "bumps" on one end where the build-in speakers are was a real challenge in finding an affordable replacement top. Either the top cost nearly as much as the hot tub did when it was new, or it was so "cheap" as to be not worth the effort. True, the insulation values are far less than the hard top covers; however, in gulf coast Texas the summers are scorching so the hard tops are mostly useless about keeping the heat out and the winters are typically fairly mild so there's not much reason to over insulate a hot tub. This seemed to be, and proved to be, a very cost effective solution that was quick to install, looks good, easy to clean and does a good job in the Houston area in keeping the warmth in and the bugs and leaves out. So far, well worth the money.
Reviewed by: Phil Jones from Cypress Texas. on 5/7/2012
Rating Innovative Idea
I was looking for an alternative to the heavy traditional cover. Health issues make it difficult to open a normal hot tub cover without assitance and once they get wet...forget it. This cover is a breeze to open and close. It's nice weather now and I suspect we'll need bubble wrap next wintoer but for now, no heat issues noticed. Love it!
Reviewed by: Beverly from Pacific Northwest. on 5/18/2011
Rating Homeowner
The product is AWESOME!. I'm so thankful for this company and their nice people that work there. The cover works great. The rain doesnt puddle up on it, the balloon stays right in the middle, the locking system is wonderful and we passed with code enforcement and we do not have a fenced in yard. I would reccomend this product highly. Thank you for making this very resonable to purchase.
Reviewed by: Janet Butler from Port St. Lucie Florida. on 4/18/2011