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Search for your spa cover by the make and/or model of your hot tub.

BeyondNice has put together a data base of the vast majority of hot tubs that were, and are, being made. We know you would rather look up the dimensions for your hot tub, than having to measure the length, width, skirt and rounded corners if necessary. We provide access to this information using the menu bar at the top of every page: "Search by Brand".

It is important to note that these dimensions were provided to us by the spa manufacturers. BeyondNice can not validate their accuracy. It is important to use these dimensions ONLY as a guide. You should measure your spa to confirm the dimensions are accurate for your hot tub in your back yard. BeyondNice cannot be responsible for covers that were made to the supplied dimensions but that do not fit the hot tub.

As another alternative, at the top right of every page, we provide a search box. You can use that with either your make or model to see if we have the specifications you are looking for. The more specific your search information, the better your results will be. For example, searching for a "J365" will produce a very exact list where searching for "Jacuzzi" will produce more results than you may want to look through.

If you know only the manufacturer of your hot tub, you can use the top menu on this page (below our logo) to go directly to your spa manufacturer's page. There you can browse the different models and years.

Sometimes, we will not have the dimensions for your make and model. Often, for simple covers, we do not keep templates. If you have a square or rectangle tub with rounded corners and no raised features such as speakers, air intakes, control panels, TVs, etc. then we can make a perfectly fitting cover with only three dimensions. We will need the length, the width and the radius of the rounded corners. Each of these is easily measured. Nearly 80% of custom manufactured covers are made using owner supplied dimensions.